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Welcome to Divided Loyalties Clan!



Divided Loyalties is a group of friends who have been gaming together for a long time (Quake 1). We have moved to various games over the years, and have currently come together in World of Warcraft.

As a WoW guild, we are a semi-casual (medium-core) Horde guild on the Blackhand server. We are made up of mature, experienced players. While our goal is 25-man progression, we try to focus more on having fun and helping each other rather than just gaining loot.

We currently run one raid team three days per week (Mon, Tue, Thur 8PM - 11PM) for the more medium-core raiders and one raid team one day per week (Thur 7PM - 11PM) for more casual raiders. The runs are currently 10-mans but we are trying to build up the medium-core team for 25-man raids.

If you are interested in applying to the guild, please apply through our forum.

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